Revo Scan 5 project limit

Does Revo Scan 5 have a project limit of 15? I can’t import more projects now.

I do not understand exactly what you mean ? I have over 800GB worth of projects imported .

Or you mean imported into new project session?

A single project should have no more than 9 angle scans .

But you can import as many as you want from your mobile device to you PC .

Unless you talking about the project list , the project list is a history , it is not a browser of your project folder , it shows only recently open and saved projects only .In the future there will be a browser reflecting the actual folder status and it would be easy to manage everything , for now it is just a history .

You may also check the limitation of the space you importing to .

Project list is what I’m referring to. Is there a different way to view projects other than recent files?
I got some scans this weekend, transferred from phone to PC wirelessly but they never would show in the project list of recent files until I deleted a couple files.

The imported projects are in your main project folder as the rest of the projects , you can open it with RS5 but one at a time

The location of your project folder should be under preferences /general
You can change the location for future projects for an easy access to remember.

Each individual project folder include also image of the model , so you can check it before deciding it to open .

There is not a browser yet to view your whole project folder and manage it all at once , but in the future it will be .

For now the only option you have is to use your computer browser to view the files .

I just imported 28 projects via my phone to my PC and they showing up in the history … all of them …