Scan is "stretching" the object during scan

I can supply images but it’s pretty straight forward. I am running into where the object is “stretching into a curved” rendition of the object during scanning. It also is not tracking very well at all. I’ve tried multiple different types of objects and I’m getting really bad results. Fast turntable, slow turntable, manually turning the turntable, etc. It also has an incredibly difficult time tracking the object during the initial scan, forget flipping the object around for another angle, as it cannot hardly track any of the points. This is a mini with the most recent firmware and I’m using the basic scanning software suggested by the instructions. Is this a typical problem?
Thank you!

First you need to use the latest Software Revo Scan 5 , picture of the scanned object and the size of it would be nice to give you a proper answer .

Losing tracking means the object don’t have enough features to be tracked , and require marker mode , or you need to add additional objects around to increase the features points .

Let see first what you trying to scan

In short: it is. Mini’s tracking isn’t very reliable (to say it politely). It needs a lot of features to keep tracking of the object being scanned. If you use turntable, as you’ve said, PUTV reccomended to cover tracking dots with something matte black since those dots confuse the scanner in feature mode. As she’ve answered your post up there, she might tell you better.

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I apologize for my absence. I will follow up tonight. I have had a couple family emergencies and it has really taken it’s toll. I am fine, just no time for the “fun stuff” like learning to scan and I miss it. I appreciate the responses and will address it tonight.

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