Texturing merged scans

I’ve merged some scans and meshed it but Texture is greyed out. I saw in an older post that this was not working on merged scans. Is that still the case in 5.2.0?

You can’t texture mapping merged scans , because the merged scans changed already their original position relative to RGB frames and texture mapping will not works .

In short a merged object loses all its connections to the original project data after merging .

Not even Cloud Compare can do that .

I did it with the old Revopoint software and I do it with the EinScan software and I do it in Reality Capture. It creates a new UV map and projects the textures onto that.

Revo Studio can only merge scans , old Revo Scan can’t merge scans , so you can’t do that , not before and not now .

If you import point cloud files for merging where the software get data to create textures? It is impossible .

The only way would be if all scans are originally presented in the software under one project files with all data , but for that they would need to write new texture mapping algorithms. Just because other software can do that , don’t means revopoint can take the codes and put into own software , they have to invent own codes , or pay license for someone else , not so easy or quick process but who knows maybe in the future .

Another way that I do , is converting merged scans RGB color data into textures and it working just fine .

Of course the old software could merge scans. I did a whole video on scanning my car with that method. I had over 45 scans merged into one model.

Phil you saying you created textures after you merged scans in Revo Studio .

The conversation is not about if you can merge scans or not . It is about texturing after merging ! Do you forget what you asked for ? Very strange my friend …

Perhaps I misunderstood you but you can absolutely apply textures after merging in many different softwares.

Yes maybe you did , but not in old Revo Studio, or any version of Revo Scan .

different software are for different scanners Phil … I can apply any textures to my merged scans in Zbrush , what is the point ? unless you want to shame Revopoint for not having that option yet … be my guest


A hacky alternative is to use Revo Scan Flayer (frame player) to export all your scans RGB data and create a rough model in Reality capture. then you can align the textured model with cloudcompare and reproject the texture in blender.

Or align the clean 3D scan model to the RealityCapture modele and use Reality Capture to retexture the clean model from source

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That’s good to know. For now I’m reviewing the Pop 3 so I only want to show what it can officially do.