Texture quality problem

Hello, we have a Revopoint Range device, but the texture scanning quality is not at the expected level; the camera’s MP value is only 5MP. We do not want to change our device, but we request that the Revoscan software be able to process images from an external camera. This feature is also available in Studio and will enable us to use our device more efficiently. Alternatively, we are considering replacing our current camera with one that has higher resolution. We kindly request your recommendation for a compatible camera module. Best regards.

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Hi @kurt1055

By studio do you mean Revo Studio?

We are planning to develop a secondary texturing feature to allow to achieve better results.

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Yes, I use Revoscan, but a system that allows matching with images taken from the phone is a must. I work especially in the field of anatomy. Quality does not express itself without texture.

Revo Studio is the software we had before we upgraded and I was wondering if you have used it before?

Can it handle images from external cameras, or are you referring to some other software?

unfortunately I did not use it

I’m talking about external images

Okay. I would like to know which software you are referring to by “studio”?

Creality studio

Ok, thank you very much for your suggestion. We’ll get it back to our dev team.

Hi @kurt1055

The increase of image resolution will not help you much , because the UV size is still only 4K so using higher resolution images will down sized anyway to match the UVs .

The best option here will be full resolution uncompressed 5MP in single shot mode using Range 2
And having increased resolution of UVs to minimal 8K for full body for Range 2
Continued shooting mode can’t handle 4 or 8K of images as the size of the project will be over 300GB

The optimal full body require at least 32K split in minimal 4 section , 8K each but that is something that modeling and texturing software can offer and not Revo Scan .

I would prefer the single shot mode have the proper full resolution as that is something the software can handle easy and fast .

So how can it be solved?

I guess we have to let it to the dev.team to work on this improvement as it is very much possible , if it work with MIRACO single frame shots in RS5 it will works with the rest of the new line scanners .