Improvement of the texture

I wanted to start a discussion and question round here. It’s not about the scan itself but more about the texture. Are you satisfied with the texture of further scanners? And how do you proceed with improving the texture, which tools do you use?

I myself have already tried to apply the texture afterwards with pictures using Blender, but I constantly wonder if I couldn’t take the UV map that my Miraco outputs and, for example, improve it using AI, especially make it sharper.

Hi @SphaeroX

You can’t make them sharper using AI , because AI will not recognize what is going on in the image , second it will affect the seams of the UVs islands .

The only way to use AI would be if you create new UVs with as little islands as possible , project the color textures to it from the original scan and then sharp it up using AI .

The image data in project folder is too compressed to begin with .

The only way to improve the textures already in Revo Scan 5 while scanning is change the resolution of the image data and increase it to maximum according to scanner and use single shot mode .

Also for scanners like Range and Range 2 the UVs resolution should be minimal 8K especially for Body mode scanning .

This also goes to Far mode in Miraco when scanning via PC .