Suggestion for Enhanced ICP Alignment Feature for single FRAME in Revo scan 5

Dear Revopoint Community,

I am writing to propose an idea that could significantly enhance the functionality of our software. I believe that adding the ability to re-align individual frames using Iterative Closest Point (ICP) alignment on the computer would be highly beneficial. While we currently have a great feature that allows for partial or complete removal of frames, I suggest an additional capability for re-aligning ICP with parameters such as noise reduction through outlier removal, downsampling, iteration count, and the option to select a specific part of the point cloud for ICP alignment or use the entire cloud.

This enhanced feature would provide a more precise final point cloud in terms of dimensions. The process could be an additional option available for selected frames or applicable to all frames. Implementing this functionality would greatly improve the accuracy and usability of our 3D scanning projects, especially in detailed and complex scans.

I believe this improvement could significantly benefit our user community, providing more flexibility and precision in 3D scanning projects. I look forward to the community’s thoughts and the team’s response to this suggestion.


Hi @bstartek

Welcome back to our community again. Thank you very much for your suggestion on Revo Scan, our product team will evaluate this feature and see if we can implement it in a future version of the software.

Your suggestion is very helpful, thank you again.

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Dear @Revopoint-Jane,

The feature for removing frames from a project works excellently, allowing for the correction of scans that contain incorrectly aligned frames. I am currently working on using the scanner for tracking jaw movements. By attaching markers to the forehead and using scan bodies on the teeth in the jaw, I utilize the “single frame capture” option and record about 10 frames during jaw retraction (mouth opening).

I would like to request the ability to export a batch of individual frames. Currently, I have to duplicate the project and remove all frames except one, then create a duplicate and remove all frames except for the second, and so on until I have 10 STL files from individual frames. Is it possible to add a motion tracking option? This would allow for the export of, for example, 10 individually aligned frames in space according to the markers.

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competition just rolled out the following feature (not that it can be trusted to work well but this is what we need, working well and in revoscan)


i think export the scanned frames as seperated pointclouds whould be nice, so users can start with experiments.

It would be best if the individual frames had the data from the IMU.

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