Suggestion/Feature Request: Revoscan 5.0.2 (Android) + Mini - turn off depth-laser when in Post Processing

After using Revoscan on the Android a bit more, I’ve stumbled across another bit of feedback:

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  • Using Revoscan 5.0.2, on Android

  • Using a Revopoint Mini

  • Start a new project, or continue scanning an existing project:

  • The Mini will sync, and spray your target object in blue laser light for the depth camera to capture.

  • Press “>” to Scan new frames

  • Press “||” to pause when done scanning

  • Press the “Stop” box to enter post processing

  • When the three checkmarks indicating the scan/fusing/meshing are completed:

  • The Mini is still lighitng the object with the blue laser during this step!

  • When you complete meshing, and either share, or go back to the “home” screen, the blue laser light cast on the object does stop.

My suggestion:

  • Move the “turn off the laser light” step further up in this chain of steps – when we start post-processing
  • There is no way the program can or will ask for further scans from the Mini, so it should be in a more idle state at this point.
  • Turning off the cast laser light for the depth camera would allow the Mini to cool down sooner, and consume a little less power.

I’ll guess, since I don’t own a Pop or Pop2, they may also benefit from this. Your tech team and the programmers will know this better than me!

And, since I have not tested this on the other platforms, I don’t know if the scanner is left ready to scan during post-processing on the other platforms (iOS, Mac, Windows), or not.

Hope this helps out! If further specifics are needed, please ask and I will do my best to answer.


Yes it should stop once you go to processing as it was before , there is no need for the scanner to be active once you moved to processing .

An update on this:

I noticed that my Android phone upgraded from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3 when I was trying the newer beta on windows.

This issue noted in my first post, still occurs in Android 5.0.3