Successful outdoor scanning with MIRACO

Sunny Day, dark mode, it works pretty well.


:o no distraction under sunlight ?

in near mode yes I was able to scan direct in sunlight , but far mode struggles in this light condition it needs to be in deep shadows .

The lighting condition above looks like 7pm so very safe to scan outdoors .

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I was curious as to the time of day, since those lights along the walkway are pretty well exposed and nothing seems to cast a shadow. :slight_smile:

Edit: 7pm is exactly right, it’s in the timestamp project name.

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There was weak sunlight where we scanned, and it was possible to scan in dark mode.
If possible, we recommend that you choose a shady spot far away from direct sunlight as it increases the chances of success.


Yeah I have an eagle eye for lighting … you are right it is in the project’s name 7PM hehe