Miraco daylight abilities

Can the Miraco scan objects in full sunlight (or even in shade)? Had poor experiences with my Range.

Its the same technology, so i think u will got the same Trouble. If you are in full sunlight Outdoor, its maybe better to use Photogrammetry

You can’t scan in full sunlight , because sunlight produces the same wavelengths as Miraco or Range projector what is infrared light . Imagine you project your movie projector outdoors on a sunny day on a wall, you would see nothing , for the same reason the infrared sensors can’t see the pattern because the patterns are disturbed by the sun infrared light .

Miraco is able to scan in full sunlight in Near mode btw … in Far mode not as the distance is too great . Having much stronger class infrared laser would be harmful to the eyes … as it is harmful looking into the sun light .

But you can scan with Miraco in a shade even on a sunny day in Far mode .