MIRACO - Can you use it in daylight?

Hi All, I have a Revopoint Range, it scans very well, but I cant use it in daylight until after the sun has set.
Is the MIRACO the same ?, does it perform OK in direct sunlight ?
Would it work in shade ?
For example, if I wanted to scan an object outdoors, could I build a sunshade over the top to stop the direct sunlight ?
Thank you,
Mike, Brisbane , Australia (Very bright sunlight )

Hi Mike

My Miraco working on a sunny day in a shade in Near mode .
But it is impossible to make infrared scanner working in a sunlight since it use infrared as the sun light .

The problem is not really the light but the infrared , so if you shade will block the infrared light from penetrating , then you can do it .

Miraco handle it much better than Range for sure … I did not tried in FAR mode as it weakend the infrared pattern to some degrees … I will try for you tomorrow.

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Infrared scanners will always get overwhelmed by a strong IR source such as the sun.

Perhaps a sun shade might help?

Bunnings used to do solar control mesh - perhaps a few layers of that?

Or scan in a garage

Hi @Vassago usually any fabric will stop infrared , as long it is not a plastic based.

But the best to block infrared 100% is aluminium foil.

Garage would be ideal as it block it from all sides but it is the same as indoors .

@Scan2Model We supposed to have sunny day today but it is cloudy , hopefully tomorrow I can test it out outdoors in a shade . On a cloudy day it works ideally.

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@Vassago, PUTV, thank you both for your answer.
The reason I ask is that I often need to scan the deck of boats that are in the water, so I cant use a garage.
As you said, every Infrared Red 3D scanner will have the same issue with direct sunlight, I am sure that I can work around it.
I have backed the MIRACO on Kickstarter, I am looking forward to trying it out :slight_smile:

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Hmm… If its on a boat you could use a sunshade… Get a metal foil one and put it on an extendable pole… Might give enough IR shadow to let the scanner work… Obviously textures will probably have shadows in them, but the scan data might be OK.

Mike I made some tests for you today , I was able to scan in sunlight in Near mode, but Far mode needs shade from direct sunlight .
I was surprised since not one infrared scanner was able to scan anything in direct sunlight before , so that’s new …
The Far mode distance probably weakens the infrared projector that why it is not too strong at greater distance . So you will need definitely a shade when scanning on a sunny day using Far mode .


Awesome !, thank you so much for taking the time to do that test.