Steamkraft | SHOWCASE | Revopoint MINI 2 3D Scanner

Hi everyone! here is my Showcase for the Mini 2
I hope you like it

MINI 2 is available for buying on Revopoint Official Shop!
You can buy it by clicking the link below:

so here now the first Scan :slight_smile:

Jewelry - Ring with ornaments
Size: 25mm with and 30mm high
Scan preparation: AESUB white scan spray

Scanned on my scan-helper.
Fusion settings: 0.02 standart (max)
Meshing: 6 (max)

Fusion result:

Here you can see that the standard fusion settings result in an excellent resolution - but the point cloud is also very “chaotic” - later you will see how it looks with the advanced settings.


Jewelry - Another Ring - more organic shape
Size: 22mm with and 27mm high
Scan preparation: AESUB white scan spray (I forgot to take photos with the scan spray :slight_smile: )

Scanned on my scan-helper.
Fusion settings : 0.02 standart (max)
Meshing : 6 (max)

With wireframe visible:

and some measurements:


Jewelry - And another Ring - this time a full finger ring - articulated ring
Size: 90mm long
Scan preparation : AESUB white scan spray
Here I used my scan helper again and made a hanger with wire to scan it upright

Fusion settings : 0.08 Advanced - this time I choose Advanced cause you get a cleaner point cloud
Meshing : 6 (max)

Here now is the fusion result - as you can see it looks much cleaner and the resolution is high enough to get a perfect result:

from a different view:

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Here are a few miniatures.
First a really small figure with just 25mm height and very fine parts.
The result really blew me away because you can even see the really small hints of the teeth.

Since this figure is already finished with light gray primer, I don’t need a scan spray
Scanned on my scan-helper.
Fusion settings : 0.02 standart (max)
Meshing : 6 (max)

here again the fusion result:

and a few measurement results - the fine red line shows what I measured and the result is in millimeters.
first of all, the skull on the helmet, which is just 2 mm in size:

and then the middle tooth with a diameter of 0.23 mm:

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Next, a Warhammer figure in assembled condition (I mention this here because I have something special planned for this figure…)
Height 70mm

Since this figure has many hidden areas, it is not easy to scan.
Fusion settings: 0.08 Advanced
Meshing settings: 6

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As already mentioned, I still had plans for the Warhammer figure.
I still have the same figure in individual parts and wanted to see how well it works to scan them and then put them together.

I have now separated them from the frame, but left something on each part to make it easier to attach to my scan helper

Da die Teile in einem doch recht dunkelem grau gehalten sind (auf dem Foto sehen sie heller aus) , habe ich sie auch wieder mit scan spray vorbereitet.

Starting with the shield:

Fusion settings : 0.08 Advanced
Meshing settings : 6

followed by the front part:

Fusion settings : 0.08 Advanced
Meshing settings : 6

Then the back:

Fusion settings : 0.08 Advanced
Meshing settings : 6

Then the base - I did not pre-treat this with scan spray:
The base has a diameter of 38mm
I didn’t need a scan helper for this one as it is very easy to scan

Fusion settings : 0.08 Advanced
Meshing settings : 6

And last but not least the middle part with the head.
I’m showing this last, because there was actually one part that didn’t really work out.
The reason for this is that the scanner and the software support is still a beta version and there may still be a few minor problems.
I will show you shortly afterward that the scanner is also capable of scanning such “problem areas” on another object.

Fusion settings : 0.08 Advanced
Meshing settings : 6

As you can see, the gap at the head part is partially closed here. Since I’m planning to work on the parts a little anyway, I’m ok with it.

I then edited the individual parts a little in Blender: I smoothed out the places where the parts were attached to the frame a little and opened up the gap in the head part again.

last but not least the parts were positioned correctly and animated:

you can find a 1080p Video of the Animation here:


Now a scan to show that even fine gaps are not really a problem.
I have scanned a needle:
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo on the scan helper :slight_smile:

Fusion settings : 0.08 Advanced
Meshing settings : 6

on the second picture I noticed that the needle looks crooked - so I took a closer look at the needle:

… and it is crooked :slight_smile:

now to the dimensions:

I am very satisfied with the result :slight_smile:

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After all these small scans, a larger object.
Since the MINI 2 has a larger single capture range and also the IMU, I scanned the whole thing freehand.
The height is 21 cm


Udo, I have fallen in love with your outstanding work. :heart_eyes:

Incredible, the needle :open_mouth:

Loving the rest of the scans, yet another really versatile scanner, we’ve seen so many uses in day one.

I also particularly like how you’ve animated the items going together to make the figure.

Thank you :sunglasses:

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Was that in single shot mode?

No - every scan was done in Continuous mode :slight_smile:

that inceaseses the urgent need for one in me too :smiley: for that base u used for scanning, is there an stl?

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at the moment i did not upload it anywhere cause it was a fast ugly Blender work.
i maybe will upload it and post a link here and on Facebook but just if I don’t do some changes to it in time to upload a better version. (like in the next 3-4days)

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