Eugene3D | UNBOXING | Revopoint MINI 2 3D Scanner

Hello every one!
I have an excellent news!
Beta test of amazing MINI 2 3D Scanner is over!
And now MINI 2 is available for buying on Revopoint Official Shop!
You can buy it by clicking the link below:

Today I want to tell you about what you will recieve, when you make your order!

After opening a cardboard, you will find a beautiful white box with a MINI 2 photo on it:

What’s inside?
WOW! It’s a premium case! It will care about your MINI 2 during transportation or store.

When you open it, you’ll find a MINI 2 3D scanner, a rotating table, a head for a testing and learning and a classic Revopoint tripod:

Here i made a closer view:

When you open a top part of the case, you’ll find a nice pockets for storing accessories. It is well organized, so, it is handy to use it:

Let’s look, what accessories you will receive:

  1. 3D Scanning Mat - it is really good when you need to scan something in marker mode without rotating table.
  2. Super small 3D-markers for scanning
  3. Blue tack - it’s a good option to fix your model to rotating table
  4. A calibration board. All MINI 2 3D Scanners are calibrated at factory, but, you always can check your accuracy with this board!
  5. A top cover with marker for rotating table. It is usefull when you what to 3D scan in marker mode.

Next, what you find in a pockets are:

  1. USB-cable to connect MINI 2 to a PC (USB-C to USB-A)
  2. USB-cable to connect MINI 2 to a phone and powerbank (Short cable with two cables)
  3. USB-C cable to connect a rotating table to a USB-A port
  4. A phone cradle
  5. USB-A to USB-C adapter

Let’s unpack all the accessory!

If you look at MINI 2 from rear side, you will see, that it is equipped with a special USB-C port that have a fixation with a screw:

And now, let’s look at a MINI 2 mounted on tripod:

It is compact and has a modern design! Do you see 6 leds near cameras? Yeah! Now it has white flood light for color 3D-scanning.

And the last one! Here you can see a setup for learning if you are a new to 3D scanning.

I want to remind, that
You can buy MINI 2 on Revopoint Official Shop by clicking the link below: