Spec for pc/laptop for pop2

Can anyone tell me what the minimum spec is for pc/laptop to run the pop2 scanner

No matter other specifications but
You need minimal 16GB of RAM on your system and a graphic card that supports at least OpenGL 4.0 for PC/Laptop

I have a mid-level Dell laptop oriented towards business: hyperthreaded, dual-core CPU and 8 GB RAM. It works for my projects (but I’m not doing full-length body scans).

8GB is not enough if you want to scan full body at optimal settings, as it will need around 12GB to process .
However 8GB is enough on Android phone or Tablet to scan full body what is of course running on lower quality setting than PC or Laptop .

So you would be still able to scan full body as long you increase the pitch point settings and lower the meshing quality
Or use Fast Scan option for full body .

But I assume @Ally want to buy a new PC/laptop so the official Revopoint
recommendation by the specifications is 16GG RAM and graphic card supporting OpenGl 4.0