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I’ve searched this forum but I can’t find what kind of requirements the pc/laptop had to have. Could anyone tell me what the minimum requirements for the processor, graphics card and storage is?

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I am using a mid-level Dell 7480 laptop with an Intel i7-7600U cpu (2 hyperthreaded cores for a total of 4) and it keeps up with the data flow requirements of the Mini & the POP 2 scanners.

For the GPU, choose one with Full HD (1920x1080), minimum, but you may prefer one with QHD resolution (2560x1440). I have read that the icons in Revo Scan and Revo Studio are too small for comfortable operation with 4K screens, however, so if your system has that, be prepared to manually choose a lower-resolution screen while using these programs.

RAM: 8 GB minimum for the POP 2. I did use the Mini with 8 GB for small projects, but 16 GB is recommended. I don’t recall a minimum for the upcoming Range scanner, but I have upgraded my laptop to 32 GB (its maximum) in anticipation; 64 GB may be the way to go, however.

For storage, I have a 1 TB NVMe. Even with that, you will have to keep an eye on storage usage because each scanning project folder can have tens to hundreds of megabytes of data over and above the scans themselves.

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Hi @Elkoenjo

The Minimum recommend by Revopoint workable laptop would be with 16GB , you need Integrated or dedicated graphic card that support at least OpenGL 4.0 minimum, and i7 CPU would be the minimum recommendation for processing .

Of course you can still work with 8GB and i5 processor but it could be already limited and the task would take much longer .

Storage as much you can , however on my portable 16GB i7 Dell latitude tablet/PC with 500GB I use USB stick with 1TB , so when I am scanning on the way everything go into my portable memory stick so later I can use it on my workstation PC for fusing and meshing .

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