Some Starting help for a Noobie please

Dear Fellow Scanners,

Late last week I received my RevoPoint Mini 2 (yahoo!).

I was easily able to produce an excellent scan of the Agrippa bust in the packaging so I guess I’m off and running.

I have some old (read 50 years plus) 25mm minis I would like to scan in. So far with my limited experience & knowledge, the results are… well… not sooo great (I di know enough to spray the figures Matt White.

I would very much appreciate any advice any of you might be willing to share with this noobie on settings and the like that might help me to do some better quality scans.

MAny thanks for any advice.

Best wishes


Hi Phil

Congrats on your new tool.
Regarding your question , if the material is shiny or resin best results you get to paint them white if possible , but since you mentioned the minis are 59 years old I would suggest you use 3D vanishing spray, AESUB or Attblime, you don’t have to make them completely white just dusting slightly especially if they have color as MINI series use blue light laser so colors like red, yellow, green may absorb the blue light and not reflect back to the sensors what can results in uneven surface.

The settings are easy , scan at High Accuracy , keep the distance at Excellent, don’t use color scanning .
After you scanned 360 degrees rotation you can pause the scanning and lay down the mini on a different angle and click start again to capture each angle .

After that go to fusing tab , choice 0.08 fusing settings and apply … after fusing go to Isolation to remove isolate points and after that to overlapped points to clean it even more until not points showing red .

Now you are ready to mesh , when setting mesh level observe the Grid settings, make sure it is not bigger than 0.10 or smaller as 0.08 and click meshing

And you should be good …

If you scanned anything by accident while capturing your object please remove the not nesesery parts under raw frame efit /all frames using lasso tool and delete then click on Fuse tab and OK if ask for saving , remember that saving after editing raw frames is permanent and you can’t use undo

I think it will help you for a start

Happy Scannings


This is awesome thanks. I’ll give this a go :+1:

Best wishes


Good’ay again PUTV,

Please find attached a pic of the 25mm figure I am trying to scan in and my results so far will be in a reply (seems you can only imbed one image per post), not too bad, any additional advice is always welcome. A couple of questions please:

  • I note that folk generally say only to do one 360 degree rotation or after that the programme may struggle with precise detail, is this correct please ?

  • Also, for the life of me I cannot get the figure to track when I move it from vertical to horizontal, I haven’t had any problems with this with the Agrippa Bust, that works fine, but not with these 25mm figures. Are there any tricks to get this to work please ? I have developed a workaround by tilting the Duel Axis Turntable 10-15 degrees toward the camera to get the hat in.

Soooo, I seem to be making progress but I’m sure I have a lot more to learn.

Best wishes


My progress so far…

Hi Phil

You getting there but you can still get better results so practice .

Yes the best way is to capture 360 degrees then pause and scan different angle , however if you have difficulty to catch the tracking while the figure is in different position , try from that position first and after out it straight on .
Keep the scanner at 45 degrees relatively to your scanned object .

25mm is small but so far you are in a good direction .

Also make sure you are at the same distance from the center of the turntable to the scanner at all the time possible .

You can also try to use single shot mode and capture it manually per frame , making sure at least 20% is still visible from the last scanned frame .
It may be much easier for this kind of object please try out .

If anything let me know

Thank you for this, I had not noticed you could do single shot but I see it on the Start button on Revo Scan. I will have a play with that. Sticking to “continuous mode” is there an optimum speed (s/r) for the Duel Access Turntable please ?

Oh, 45 degrees to the scanned object, I have been scanning with the scanner pointing straight at the object., I’ll try 45 degrees.

Many thanks


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Sorry to bother again :slight_smile:

This is my set-up, have I got it right please ?

Best wishes


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These are recommendations for mini 1 . I reckon it is the same for mini 2.


Yes everything ok , you will find the single shot option in the RS5 computer version , the option is under the PLAY button in the software , just click and hold for menu .

Remember to keep the same distance between the center of turntable to the scanner while capturing multiple angles .

Then when you ready use Advanced mode fusing at 0.08 mm and after clean it before meshing , don’t use the highest meshing settings , use it according to your Grid that should be 0.08-0.10 and then mesh it .