[Solved] Black preview screen

@revopoint, did this issue ever get fixed? I just received my scanner and have tried multiple outlets for help with this issue. No response have I received. I did a search with no much help. If you would like some good feed back, help out the people that buy your products.

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Hi @midnight3d

I just replied another post about this problem.

Our developer said this might be caused by graphic card, which seems not a problem with Handy Scan.

If users bought the laptop a long time ago and the graphics card does not support opengl4.0, users may meet this problem. (If you need, I can send you an installer to test if the graphics card support opengl4.0 or not)

Some users may fix this problem after installing the proper driver associated with the graphic card like @Rob did - https://forum.revopoint3d.com/t/no-central-image-preview-total-black-on-pc-handyscan/2386/7?u=revopoint3d-cassie. But for some laptop which is too old, the problem can’t be solved unless the users change another computer.

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not fixed see the other post

Hello @Revopoint-Cassie ,

I would like to have that tool to check opengl4.0 compatibility.

Update on Sep 18:

This problem had been solved by the updated software.