Small Plant Scanning with the MINI

After achieving good result with the plant/pop3 combo the other day, I thought I’d see how the MINI would do in a similar situation.

I was unsure how it would pick up the colour due to the blue light, but I am pleasantly surprised.

There are probably areas in which I could improve the scan, and I think the leaf thickness causes an issue side on, but over all I’m calling this a success.

To give you an idea of size, this is the MINI next to the plant, the plant is 50mm from soil to top of highest leaf.

It didn’t pick up all of the soil or the void between pots, but I didn’t expect it to, it may have look nicer to just leave these unfiled

A direct screen shot from RevoScan software

Image made lighter in Paint just to try to show what was picked up.


For MINI you need to have a very special light setup , preferred LED with control brightness… blue cool lighting not recommend… I was surprised you got the orange parts since normally orange absorbing blue light , but it managed well too scan …

MINI is nit so straight forward when it get about color scanning but. not impossible

Thanks fir sharing your organic scanning experiences with us Gary ! lookin forward to see more tests ,