Sharper Fusing wanted

This is a software problem not restricted to the Range (I think), but I couldn’t find a relevant category in which to post.

The first image is a meshed scan of cracked concrete (first step in replacing the patio). I accepted the default 2.49mm grid size for the large scan area (some 12’ x 3’, not all of it shown here).

The second image is a closeup showing a detail of the mesh.

The concrete cracked along sharp edges. I would like the meshed result to depict the sharp edges. Are there settings in RevoScan that support this? Or should I look at other software?

Try to mesh it in Cloudy Compare at level 12-13 , this is a big scan , it is possible the software limits it’s resources while meshing it, if it get over the limits .

If you scanned at the proper distance preserving the accuracy , you should have better results , if the fused point cloud edges looks sharper than the mesh on close up , this means you reached software limitations .

Mesh it in CC or other software of your choice .