Scale on scan is 10x larger than reality

Hi Revopoint community,

My pop 2 seems to be creating meshes that are 10x larger than reality. My generation process is below, resulting in the mesh measurement in fusion being 1128mm for a 113mm distance (measured with calipers). Open to any help or suggestions, thanks in advance.

Scan on laptop with Revo Scan: high accuracy, feature based
Complete Scan > Stop > Generate and save point cloud & mesh.
Upload mesh to fusion 360 and open directly.

I’ve solved/at least understood this issue and the fix for now:

Correct scale: use the operation Insert > Mesh from within an open design file and select from hard drive
10x too large scale: occurs when uploading a mesh into the Fusion cloud file storage, then inserting into current design

It is usually a unit mismatch during the import (cm vs mm) that gives you that 10x factor. It’s possible that Fusion 360 assumes different default units for one import style vs the other (direct open vs import).

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This is something that Autodesk seems to do across the board. I think it’s got something to do with the point density. In a lot of ways, Fusion gets hand-me-down features from their professional software, and most of the pro-grade scanners that people use with Autodesk products are capturing much larger objects / areas with fewer points. (My current work project, I’ve got about 8 million points to cover a 2-story area that’s about 150x100 yards, compared to the last POP scan I did which had about 11.9 million points to cover an object that’s 10" tall by 18" wide by 6" deep.)

When I bring a POP scan into Revit (for later insertion into Inventor), it sees how dense the cloud is and assigns meters as the unit, rather than millimeters. When I insert the Revit file into Inventor, I have to scale it by .001 in order to get it the right size.