Sharing MIRACO Capabilities

I teach Rhino 3D modeling software at a vocational college here in Australia and I have been demonstrating how scan data from 3D scanners such as the Revopoint MIRACO can be imported into Rhino to help create accurate 3D models.
The HDMI output from the MIRACO is brilliant for showing how the whole scanning process from start to finish can be done onboard the scanner without the need for an external PC or Laptop.
I have been using a variety of 3D scanners for about 24 years, the MIRACO is a fantastic “all-in-one” solution as a hand-held 3D scanner.


I agree, an affordable standalone 3D scanner with which you can take decent Scans, what more could you want?

It’s a great Product, I also love my Miraco :heart:

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Than you so much for sharing, Mike!! :heart: We’re really glad that MIRACO is a tool that can help you.

Thanks for liking MIRACO, SphaeroX! You make a lot of suggestions that are making us better. :+1:

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