Johnathan - Beta Showcases: Car Scanned with Revopoint MIRACO 3D Scanner

Beta MIRACO has landed

Please note that this is a beta prototype, and the product ID and packaging are for reference only. The final mass-produced version may have differences.

Whats in the box?

Nicely presented

Calibration panels are included in the box

Magic marker mat and turntable topper with markers

Wrist strap included to prevent accidents whilst hand held scanning

Front and back view of the MIRACO with all accessories including HDMI adapter to allow viewing on larger screens, USB cables for scanner and turntable, charger which can fully charge the unit in about 30 minutes

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Near mode scan for reverse engineering of a broken part that I temporarily glued back together to scan

imported into Revoscan 5 to reduce / simplify the mesh

Imported into Fusion 360

several mesh sketches done through the mesh to get dimensions

model ready to 3D print with a little more strength added


Toyota Supra cam sensor cover scanned in near mode

I used some scanning spray to help with the inside details, it evaporated mostly by the time I took the pictures but you can see in the preview picture below the scanner can pick up the black plastic

Fused Point cloud

Imported to Revoscan v5 and meshed

Mesh sketch though body

Reveres engineered ready for modification to fit a new cam sensor

I’ll add more to this when I have modified the design to accommodate the new sensor and 3D printed the new cover


3D printed cover

3D printed TPU gasket

New and old side by side

Test fit on the engine


Piston Fixture Jig

this is a very quick scan of a very dirty piston that needs bigger pockets milled into the top to stop piston to valve contact, not an amazing scan but a very quick way to get accurate enough data to do the job in hand

scanned with the MIRACO in marker mode on the magic mat

I imported it to fusion 360 and aligned it to get the piston at the correct angle to mill the pockets in the top, once the piston was aligned as close as I could a quick mesh sketch gave me everything I needed to design a fixture to hold the pistons

the conrod could not be removed for this milling operation because of its interference fit design so this jig was the easiest way to hold it correctly

the conrod moved a tiny bit when i flipped it but not a problem for this use case

3D printed and job done


Now for some Big scans with the MIRACO 3D Scanner

Metro 6R4 scan standard mode Far range

Escort MK1 1972

Scanned with marker mode Far range

Formula 5000 from 1975

Scanned with standard mode Far range

F5000 Body work

I have more to add to this soon! :wink:


Absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing. One question on the escort, could it have been without marker mode or are the panels too featureless.

Yes it can be done without markers but the bigger featureless areas like the roof are more challenging than in marker mode which is very fast and accurate, it would require something added to the roof to help which could later be edited out, there are several tricks that can be used to help,

Its a tradeoff between time adding and removing markers and having a painless scanning experience or not adding markers and having to find the best way to scan something without many features and adding features to help with tracking

As always it depends on the object that you want to scan which way you choose

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Thank you, that’s good to know.

What are your thoughts on processing scans on the device compared to on a pc, and even as a comparison to say for example Range Scanner processed on mobile phone.


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Hi Gary , you can actually have the same quality results processing on MIRACO as you do on PC , the only difference here is time since Android system is slower of course, but the ends results can be the same , that what makes here a difference between phone and MIRACO .

Miraco is much more advanced than Range … you can do with it what Range can’t .

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I watched the live last night, I saw the miraco processed face scan, and… Wow!!! Incredible results from it, I thought there’s no way a hand held could be that good after seeing results from my phone, but Wow!!!

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Right ? I was surprised after scanning the face how much details it was … incredible … normally we used 100K scanners at work for that results before … a game changer … of course skin is translucent, it needs slightly preparation to get that results , glad you like it !

Little video of the scanning process


What did you use to prepare the skin?

Sweet! Love the 6R4. What an absolute weapon that was.

Hi @KRS this is Johnathan’s Showcase thread , let’s don’t disturb his thread …
I will have soon my Showcase public , we can talk about everything you like .

the MIRACO scanner is grate for confined spaces like engine bays,
I did this quick scan in near mode to capture the position of the crank trigger wheel that I fitted to the front pully of the Toyota Supra, this allowed me to design a mounting bracket to fit a new crank sensor in the correct location without taking any measurements, the scan data gave me all the info I needed to design the part to fit exactly to the engine cover with only one bolt

3D Printed in ASA Carbon Fibre

sensor on and car running again


Using scans to make or modify car dash part

A friend of mine asked if I could fit a tyre monitor to his Land Rover so this is what I designed using a scan of the old radio face that he had removed

scan imported and cleaned up in Revoscan V5

tyre monitor case scan in Fusion 360

3D Printed part

painted parts look ok, probably find some vinyl covering to match the dashboard better

circuit fitted


came out great overall… printing in asa and acetone smoothing would’ve been sick IMO


MIRACO scans