Scanning vehicles with Revopoint POP

Hi, I am a backer from the Kickstarter campaign and am interested to see how this performs scanning vehicles or vehicle components. I make 3D printed parts to modify 1/12 motorcycle or 1/24 car kits and diecasts and backed the project in the hope it would make the creation of parts a little easier if I can scan directly from the vehicle. I realise glossy surfaces will be an issue but so long as I can get a decent scan to use as a reference for the final mesh to print, I’ll be happy.

Anyone else hoping to scan cars/bikes?

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Hi there.

Im also aiming at doing some car component scanning. I’ve done some work in this scenario with an Artec Eva scanner and looking forward to what the POP can do.


Same here, we make a lot of custom parts and hoping this will replace most of the 3rd party scanning we get done now!

Hoping to use it for this purpose also. First job is for a transmission cover that needs fixed and no longer made.

Hi there,

I also want to scan vehicle areas, among other things. First the interior in my van - it needs a center console. Let’s see if it just works with the distance - or if I have to remove the seats …
I’m curious how well it will work. At my job I know the professional solutions (GOM, etc.) that we use in the racing development center (at the world’s best sports car manufacturer). For the shiny areas (panes, chrome, etc.) you simply have to use this matting spray. This then simply evaporates, but it is also expensive.
@ Ächtungkraft: Cool - your things. Nice to see what you are doing with our old cars. I definitely have to order one of your t-shirts :wink:

What matting spray do you use?

Is it abrasive?

How is it removed?


me, I hope to be doing almost opposite. I want to scan parts of my daily driver pickup and turn that into 1/10 scale truck parts like the rooftop tent, offroad jack and maybe even the bed cap. If accuracy is there, I hope to be able to scan broken and hard to find parts for my 1/32 models to reprint. things like gear covers that are too complex for my current 3d modelling experience to create from scratch

Hi, I also intend to be able to scan a switch command for my motorbike, as the manufacturer does not sell only the small part, but requires to change a complete set (worth 450 Euros, for a switch button that probably costs less than 5 €, but I could not find it even as used part).

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I’m also very interested in this application!

I have a 1981 DeLorean and I’m converting it to an Electric Vehicle. The plan is to 3d scan the engine bay and other components of the DeLorean, along with the new electric motor and batteries, and then move them around in CAD and design mounting brackets and enclosures and things.

Can’t wait to get it!


I feel both ideas are great and hope You achive Your plans. I think the creative ideas behind a good working scanner will be endless.

I’m hoping simply applying something like talcum powder to glossy or poorly registered surfaces will allow them to be scanned. The other option wriggly be light masking tape.

I tried to scan a car called Mini 4WD, which is sold in Japan.
Tires, black parts of the car body, and glass cannot be scanned, so you may need to set markers.

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I see a lot of feedback here thinking that scanning will make designing precision or mating parts easier. While that can be the case I don’t expect the software Revopoint makes to autofit CAD Surfaces or other required information often needed to utilize scan data in the design process. I currently use DesignX for this from scan data of multiple source types to great success. If I can be of some help, please feel free to reach out

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Hi Andy,
there different brands - my colleague prefer “attblime”
the spray is self sublimation - that means, there is no remove needed.
there are different versions with different stay times 2-6h , 24h, permanent
i don’t know about abrasive - it’s makes like a powder dust on the surface, which gradually disapears. I don’t know about damaged surfaces after use. Maybe there are surface’s may have problems under chemical aspects. These sprays are made with cyclododecane. Thats smells not healthy - after scanning it’s recommended to put the parts under free air …


Hi! I allready got one of this (Aesub BLUE) , super easy to
apply and vanishes by itself after some time (plenty of time to scan).

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Thanks it’s a fun thing to make parts for the cars you love as a job!

Yes I am hoping to scan motorcycles in order to engineer custom parts to suit. LOoking forward to testing and learning

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Hey guys ill scan my . Honda shadow today but a siggestion ive mentioned a couple times in other places, but i found baking flower seems to do the trick

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@rayiik Pictures or Video would be awesome to see if possible :slight_smile:

@ivan I looked that up here locally (New Zealand), they want just over $100 a can for it where I am. Yikes.