Partial dashboard scan with the mini

Couple of days ago i gave a try at scaning dashboard/vents for an idea i have for it.
The part is black textured and not easy to track with the mini.
Instead of reflective markers i used uhu patafix reusable/reshapeable sticker gum-thingy you can buy in almost every store with office supplies as a feature tracking markers.
The scan was done in dark with low indirect light.
Exposure was set to higher value. Dark object mode works too.
First picture is actual object with markers.
Second and third are after fusing, auto aligning, meshing and deleting markers and filling holes
(All done in RS5).


New design using 3d scan data.
It was modeled in fusion360.
Top part was cut with scanned surface in meshmixer since it’s way easier and faster.

Test fitment of the printed parts.

Fits like a glove.
Mini is capable of 3d scanning larger area, even flat simple area as long you take time to prepare it right.
This was blacl surface scanned in low light conditions without any scanning spray.
Dimensions and surface are spot on and help with designing process.

Hi @Samster_3d ,

Thank you for sharing this application! I have pinned it.

We’re making the online interview to improve the Revo Scan, would you like to join?
Here is the link:

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I find the Mini a fab piece of kit.
The accuracy is always mind blowing.

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Coming from 3dsense v1 It’s miles ahead.
It just needs good preparation before scanning.
Once it’s done, it keeps tracking, gives great results for reverse enginnering or even for making 3d printed duplicates.

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