Scanning the inside of a submarine?

Hi there. I’m looking to undertake a 3d scan of the miniature X-Craft submarine we have at work. I want to put together a usable model for VR, demonstration and educational applications. There are a lot of parts and equipment needing scanned and my initial plan is to scan the individual parts and piece them together in cinema 4d or blender. I’ve attached a photo. What scanner would be the best to undertake this mad adventure? Thanks in advance!

I think you would get the best results from the range scanners. As a tip, try to keep each scan to max 3000 frames, Try one scan as a skeleton and then sides as one. Because it’s VR you won’t want it high poly so try and keep the lighting consistent so you can get most of the detail from texture baking. Best of luck!

Hi. Thanks for the advice. I managed to get inside the submarine this morning and did a quick scan on my iPhone from the hatch position. I can’t go into it yet until it’s been properly ventilated and air quality checked but am heartened by a basic quick scan that range will be a much better result for my needs. Thanks again.