Revo Scan 5 settings to preserve details

Does anyone have any recommendations for settings to maintain scan details?

I find that Revo Scan 5’s smoothing and filter adjustments to be too interventive on the finer details.

I’ve played around with some adjustments but haven’t had any luck with two of my scans for fluting textures on a surface.

Hey Goon,

I’ve actually found the preview in Revoscan makes the models look more filtered than the actual end result.

I’d recommend exporting the mesh and using another 3D Model viewing program to check your end results.

This is the exact same scan of a small toy dinosaur I scanned using my Inspire.
The smoothing in Revoscan hides more detail than the other application (Microsoft 3D Builder).

As an alternative, you can also adjust the perceived detail in Revoscan by navigating to Model Properties and changing Color and Surface Properties to “Shiny”.
The Shiny selection will show more detail than the other options that you might not realize is there otherwise.

Below is the same model with Diffuse and Shiny. Notice the crack pattern in the surface showing with the Shiny option, but not in the Diffuse option.

Basically, a lot of it comes down to visual perception - your model likely already has more detail than you realize!

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There is not one answer for your question , it depends of scanner , object etc…

So what scanner you are using , what kind of object you trying to scan ( picture welcome )

P.S as Ken just added, the surface shader in RS5 may not showing all the fine details after all . But the details are there .

It’s a small picture frame - about 3x6" used with the scanning spray with the Range 1

The mesh export and import sounds like a great idea.
I’ll try that.

Here’s the Revoscan scan

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