Loose detail with full scan

hello, i need some help, i scan a figure and i notice if i only scan some small part i get lot of more detail than scan full object, its there a way to scan all object with full detail like the right head?

Would you like to share what you used for scanning ? There are 3 devices that works slightly differently from each other.

If you scanned using MINI , smallest scans will provide the best resolution at the consistent distance of 10cm between the model and the scanner . So you need to use turntable for consistent distance .

Over scanning multiple times the same areas may results in lower quality if the details or if there was shift in distance .

The best results would be if you scan partial scans and merge them together in Revo Studio to get the max quality .

You can also put the scanner in vertical position , it will give you greater area to scan at once than horizontal.

And if you want best meshing quality , export the fuse point cloud and mesh it in Revo Studio at higher settings .

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I have noticed a loss of detail when I scan the same area repeatedly. This was first apparent when I scanned the mini Agrippa bust for one rotation, then with 3 (Pause & Restart) scans from different vantage points, but with a lot of overlap, all saved as one file.

Because the scanner’s position was changing, the distance to any one section of the bust would also change and, as PUTV said above, that is not good.

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