Revopoint 3D Mini Rendering Problem


I bought the Revopoint Mini a few days ago.
After watching the tutorials and some demonstration videos, I started my scans of small spare parts.
I’m having a problem after finishing the scan
,when I get to the edit part, in the “raw” tab, the model looks ok, but as soon as I move to the “Fused” part, the model appears in triplicate or duplicate (several faces)
I’ve spent several hours around this, and I can’t figure out why

If anyone can help me out, I’d be very grateful.

Few more images to help.

That is not a rendering problem - it is a tracking problem. You are getting frames that are not aligned. You can see that the tracking dots on the turntable are smeared in the scan. Are you using Feature tracking mode or Marker mode? For that small part on the turntable, you should use Marker mode. Make sure the dots on the table are shown in red in the scan preview.

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