Scanning interior of a compartment

Most of the applications shown are for scanning external surfaces, but before I buy, I wanted to know if I could scan the inside of a compartment, about 1m x 1m x .5m. Besides just functionally scanning a concave area, I wasn’t sure if reflection would be an issue. The surface isn’t particularly mirrored, but being enclosed, light will of course bounce around.

Additionally, could you confirm that I could generate a model of the whole surface by rotating the scanner in multiple directions?

Is there a model that I should prefer over another?

Sorry for the somewhat vague questions, I’m totally new to using scanners like this.


For this size Revopoint Range is the right for the job among all Revopoint 3d scanners due to its large FOV and wide scanning distance.

also the shape of the room isn’t an issue as long there is always enough different =distinguishable features for the tracking. And as long the surface is reflective enough for infrared light (many black surfaces and transparent surfaces aren’t) you are good to go, as Range projects infrared light pattern which is recorded with cameras and depending on changes of the recorded pattern the surface is being reconstructed in 3d.

As @ivan stated already Range will be the best choice for medium to big objects, make sure the metal surface is prepared proper and have features, this means you can’t scan just a simple walls , the light you mentioned can’t produce infrared so as long it is LED it is ok .
You can upload pictures of your object to get better estimate and how to approach it .
Remember there is a learning curve as with all things we use for the first time , especially since you are new to 3D scanning .

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