Scanning hard to see objects

I am looking at solutions to use for scanning hard to scan objects and I know chalk dust has been mentioned and another product which disappears are a while with no residue - this stuff is hard to get hold of and you can only buy it in cans of 12 and costs £700 :frowning:

The chalk in a can which is temporary apparently can last upto 2 years - not very temporary.

Is there anything else that would work? For example the chalk dust that weightlifters pr rock climbers use - would this work? or women’s makeup powders? or talcum powder?


I will give you an emergency tip, if you can’t get 3D spray , you can buy women make up in spray can , no matter for face or legs as long it is in lightest color , in the studio we used sometime very light / white make up mist to matte down the surface using air brush and water based makeup , easy to clean after .

You have also temporary marker paint in a can , it do no vanish but can be washed off easy with water.


@sqlartist Are you in the UK? I got Aesub scanning spray from for £32. It’s still expensive but you don’t need to buy 12 cans (and it does disappear quite nicely.)

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@Karl-D @sqlartist

for UK I have link for online store ₤25 per can for Aesub Blue 3D Scanning Sprays Archives - T3DMC

For everyone else here is a worldwide map where you can order online

Screenshot 2022-04-21 062458

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Nice! Much appreciated, fella.

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You welcome !
I just ordered new batch for myself , always good to have , Blue is so good you can spray your DSLR camera with , will not damage it. Also a must have with the upcoming MINI , higher accuracy need the perfect surface . Little reflections or glare are number one cause of noises .

thank you !! PopUpTheVolume

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its actually £40 a tin :frowning: with VAT and shipping

I’ve heard talk that dry shampoo also works and just washes off with a bit of water.

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Cheaper than in USA, I pay around $55 per can with shipping and tax , the can cost regularly everywhere here $39.99 without shipping and tax costs.

@Karl-D dry shampoo will create too many noises , unless you use it on dark hair and beard in body mode , but baby powder works better . You can also use white hair spray for fine layer

For objects that can be washed and are no porous, I use also Temporary Marker, it creates very light layer and dry quickly , then after scanning just washing off with water ,great for black plastic , metal parts, shiny ceramic , glass etc…

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Yeah, TBH I think it was mentioned as being ok for scanning people. Just thought I’d throw it out there as something to try if sqlartist really didn’t want to order Aesub spray from 3djake or T3DMC.

That temporary marker spray looks interesting. I have a few possible uses for that - never knew it existed.


@Karl-D that is very good , we need to find any good resources or the scanning gonna be costly , most of the object today are made from plastic and 3D scanners do not like plastic on general , any object oil based will diffuse slightly the laser pattern , even when scanning a face , it is recommended to wash the face before with cold water and use anti glare primer or HD transparent cosmetic powder .

The temporary marker do not last long , it will flake away very quickly maybe 60 min after when handled . I use old $5 turntable to spray plastic objects from around 30 cm distance , less is better , don’t want to waste precious Aesub spray on simple things that can be easily washed off.
Use in well ventilated area, it have little smell , but it create so fine smooth layer , I just made demonstration on the glass
dry in 5 min to a frosty matte surface .

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