Revopoint POP Scan of a Crystal Figurine and Resin Printed Miniatures

I thought I’d share the results of a POP scan from a few months ago. I was experimenting with different developing sprays such as dry shampoo, body powder, Aesub Orange and Blue, spray chalk, etc. to try and improve results with difficult-to-scan subjects, such as this poorly featured crystal figurine. My wife thought this little display idea was cute.

Could you show the scan results with the different “developing sprays”, and/or tell us, which one gave the best result? Also the brand would be nice to know, and how well it was removable from the original afterwards.

I’ve found that the Aesub works quite well as a developer, but it smells very nasty. I wear a mask and spray outdoors if I can, The blue disappears after a few hours, while the orange sublimates in about 12 hours.
The Testor’s spray chalk goes on pretty thick and dries to a kind of shell that resists damage when handling, but obscures small details.
Gold Bond body spray works well if you can tolerate the fragrance. It, of course, leaves a powdery coating that is easily rubbed off if handled.
I recently got some Montana Chalk but haven’t had time to explore it much. I sprayed a resin model and can’t remove the coloring with anything I’ve tried.
The common variety of kid’s spray chalk was a disaster for small subjects. It is hard to control the thickness of your application and it makes a lot of overspray.
I think the cheapest, most versatile spray is the dry shampoo. Works well, easy to get a uniform coating, Wait for it to dry and it can be brushed off. And we know that it’s non-toxic.
I guess what really matters is what works for you and your scanning subjects.
I hope this is good info.

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Hope this is good for you.

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