Scanning a 50 year old family member... with a difference!

I’ve scanned a fair few family members in my time, but this pushing-50 year old is a little special. He belonged to me as a kid, and now under the guardianship of my daughter.

Back in the late 90s and early 00s when we mainly used laser scanners, if production brought us a prop teddy bear/soft toy to scan we’d roll our eyes and complain about soft, deformable surfaces, unscannable textures and start saying we’d have to powder them to make them show up to the laser.

Basically a complete pain.

Fast forward to today and the Miraco ate this thing up, easily scanning it without any prep (barring the glass eyes of course - added in post) or any problems, and resolving all that lovely detail.

Scanned in Single Shot mode, in one scan (positioned on a mic stand and then repositioned to captured the small areas occluded by the stand). Fused and meshed at the maximum resolution and a per vertex texture generated.


That is a fantastic scan. Very well done indeed. Furry objects are always a nightmare to scan.

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