Miraco Far Mode Point Distance

Scanning some large things in far mode today, I noticed that Miraco will fuse at point distances greater than 2mm. Is that coming to desktop Revoscan soon?

Large things have different resolution and pitch point , it also depends on the volume, you can’t fuse it at lower resolution than the hardware scanned it .

I am guessing you used the Large mode with greater pitch point accuracy .

Yes, I scan large things. :slight_smile:

It would be nice if the desktop version of the software didn’t cap point distance at 2mm as well.

Then you need to scan large stuff with Standard or High resolution and not use the Large option … this will change the fusing option because of the point distance .

The smallest is in High resolution mode following by Standard , Fast mode ( the lowest resolution on PC .

Try to clean the scan in raw mode on PC , too large volume will adjust the fusion settings to prevent the software from running out of RAM .

If you fused a very large object at higher resolution it will be enormous, so only computers with 64GB of RAM can handle that or you get crashed .

Sadly the PC software do not check how much RAM the computer have to allow us to fuse at higher resolution .

The principle here is that if you choice a large mode the pitch point is not lower than 2.0mm so it can’t be fused at lower than the main accuracy in that mode . Because there is no data supporting that .

Scan with Standard mode , it will give you greater results when scanning large objects and better resolution and very much usable in reverse engineering, faster mode is not , too low resolution and accuracy .