Scale Model Part Scan (Small Part)

Hi All - After much practice and experimentation, I was able to adequately scan a small scale model piece. I say ‘adequate’ because there are a few scanning artifacts not likely to negatively affect a printed copy. I’m still refining a repeatable workflow.

My setup-

Original Part-

Scanning details-

Computer: SurfaceBook 1, 8gb ram

Part dimensions: 22mm x 19mm x 8mm

Part Prep: Airbrushed corn starch/isopropyl mix

Scanning Mode: High Accuracy Scan, Marker Mode

Scanning Distance: ~10cm

Scanning Turntable: Dual-Axis Turntable w/ RevoPoint Android App;

Scanning Sessions: 300 frames @ 0deg to get top details, 300 frames @ 20deg to get side details

Post-processing: Point cloud noise cleaned/filtered in CloudCompare; scan merged in RevoStudio


Very good result considering it is so small thanks for sharing !
Can you load your final model into Revo Studio and post some screenshots of the final work ?

Thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile: Here it is in RevoStudio.

I’ll try a new scan in RevoScan 4.2 and post any notables.

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Looking very good , I hope 4.2 will improve it for you , I made some new tests today and the all results was so much better .

Quick test scan with RevoScan 4.2 and upgraded Mini firmware. Nice texture capture on this clothing tag! More tests coming.


I see you got the stitches as well, good job ! you know when you scanned the lighter color, increase the gain settings and you will be able to scan the yellow color as well . First the normal color then after set the gain up and scan the difficult color .I tested out yesterday and all colors captured without issues with MINI .

Thanks @PUTV. Assuming I would fuse after the first scan, increase gain, rescan for lighter color capture?

No , you need to change the gain while scanning or pause change gain until you see the area is picked up by the scanner and continue scanning , don’t worry the already scanned areas will be not affected .

MINI can’t see all colors at low gain setting , that why you need to increase it when scanning red, yellow green etc… blue white gray and purple colors are safe , but any other color that absorb naturally blue is not safe for scanning since it absorb blue laser rays .

Right on. I’ll try this and post results later this evening.

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Increasing gain did help pickup the orange color. It also created a fair amount of noise. I’ll experiment more with these settings.

In the meantime, I did some test with Meshing levels in Studio. Here’s the scan meshed at Level 7 and High Sharpening applied. There was no point cloud cleaning on this mesh. You can see the grain patterns towards the bottom right corner. The level of detail is pretty good.

You never go meshing level above 5-6 , level 7 is like level 8 in Revo Scan and sharpening only increased the noise . Level 7 is for a huge objects like 6 feet / 2 meters , objects that were merged from multiple fragments .
I think if you stop at 6 that would be more than enough , there will be as much details as the point cloud offer, you can’t make more details by meshing it at maximum level . Remember also that the shader preview do not show actually the final model surface, it looks more smooth than it actually is .

But the best thing is to experiment about and see what the possibilities offers you…

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Excellent insights @PUTV. Thank you for your contributions to this forum! I’ve read and re-read everything you’ve posted. :clap: