Saved image file

Hi, New to this. I was quite impressed with an edit I’d performed. I pressed the save button before trying “Fusion “ again.

Well that’s was a step or two backwards.

Thing is, I have no idea where my saved ( supposedly) was kept. I’ve had a bit of a look in the more obvious spots.

You can access your projects from the Homepage , or go direct to location where all your projects are saved …

Screenshot 2023-06-10 021417

I had two images. I still have one. I did try to rename this first file.
I can’t find the renamed file. It didn’t go through the usual process of saving to a specific file.

I had done extensive editing to the second image.
I Saved under the File icon. Then I used Fision again to see if it would improve my edited image.
This didn’t happen and it reverted back to the original in-edited version.

After searching for some time, Deleted original un-edited version by mistake.

To be honest the image I have, I’m unsure which it is . The first or second that I extensively edited?

the renamed files are only visible after you open the project , thr main project under your folder do not change its name , only under history on Homepage , so if you renamed the project it is on Home page under history list

what image you talking about ? do you mean scan ? the project have RAW files and if you editing the files the original get updated , you should export your edited model before you edit it again .

You mean Fusion … how Fusion can improve your scan ? it is point cloud generator , it don;t improve anything , it generate a new point cloud from Raw cell frames . Without point cloud there is no mesh, it is a base for everything , so make sure you fused it proper , cleaned it and after meshed , if the point cloud looks not right , the mesh will looks bad too .

I don’t know what you have , you should pay attention and export things between to save copies and do not delete anything in the project or change names in your project folders , only via the software , you can change only the main project name in the folder, but not the other files inside the folders or it will not load .

Thanks for that info. I’ll now need to see if I can recover anything.
Name changes have been performed.

Nothing anouther scan won’t fix.

The next lesson is how to fill the holes in.

Crash coarse into what not to do. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The best way … trial and error :joy: don’t forget to have some fun

I’m have trouble connecting the scanner again.
The pc is show the scanner connected on its hotspot. Yet it not connecting to the app.
If I unplug the scanner, the address disappears. Connect it again, it reappears. So the scanning is connecting.

What about USB cable connection direct to PC ? If you use hotspot on PC, don’t connect USB to PC as power source . Try to connect to the software using only USB .