Raw Edit Function

Hello, is it possible to make a small tutorial on how to use the raw edit function? How to select delete and know what to delete?
Thank you

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Hi @cobra
Yes it is possible… Let me see what I can do this week for you …


Thanks PUTV

im also interested on it, because i dont even see the raw editing tools in 5.3.3. also i cant export the raw data

Hi @SphaeroX

sorry I am too late with this but very busy at this moment with everything, once the latest campaign is over I will have more time on my hands …

regarding your question you cant export RAW data since it is real time preview , it is loading all frames in real time including color per vertex , so what you see is what the cache folder includes in your project …

The frame cells are encrypted in the cache folder and not organized , I don’t know any other program that could support this format .

so particularly there is nothing to export … as it is just virtual visual representation of the cache folder …

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Remember editing any frames is permanent… if you delete the wrong one it will be removed permanently, you can edit them all at once as well , so only partial data will be edited from each frame , after you finish click on Fuse , and it will ask to you process and save


Thank you for showing it!

It’s a shame that you can’t select all of them and then delete irrelevant dat. When exporting, I thought more about the fact that you could get the coordinates somehow and perhaps you could have made a program for pre-processing with Python.