Rsilvers Mini Showcase

My first Mini scan. These are the tiny 100mm Knipex Cobra. Made some scanner spray with Zinc Oxide.


My second Mini scan is from a 3D print of a muzzle device.


Very good @rsilvers
That are the first type of scanners we all love to see …well done ! Thanks for sharing !

This one really blows me away. I didn’t even coat it. I tried scanning it a few different ways, but ended up liking my first try the best.


Just seen this screw on facebook, great result. I’m liking the other scans too :sunglasses:


I was going to say that a golf ball is very difficult to scan due to the symmetry, but it’s not.

But you don’t scan just a golf ball , try to scan it alone without any support objects in feature mode , then tell me how easy it is .

It is not much about symmetry here , it is that spherical objects are seeing by the sensor just like a flat circle and not as a volumetric object . And for proper tracking it needs to have features or other objects supporting it as in your case .

So telling it can easy scan a sphere is not exactly true , it can’t scan it without supporting object or market mode .

I think this could be part of a 3D printed or CNC routed clock.

Hi @rsilvers

Good scan! You really did a great job! :+1:

Do you mind if we post your case on social media platforms? We will credit it to you.

Yes, ok.



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Hi @rsilvers

Thank you very much! :hugs:

Two other very beautiful scans, please keep creating! :+1:

Scan to 3D print workflow:

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Scan of dark screw:

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absoulety stunning scan results