Room Scan for VR (Unity GameDev.)

I’m intersted in scanning an apartment to overlay game assets such as walls etc…

Here’s a link to an couple of examples:
example 1.


example 3

My Thoughts:
Take completed scans into Maya 2022… topology cleanup & then export to Unity as FBX.

Am interested in the fidelity Revopoint can achieve in term of large scale environment scans and what would influence the quality of the scan… ie. lighting relfection etc…

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Going to depend on wall color as well as likely needing a boatload of markers if you actually scan the full wall vs model it, I’d think.

Maybe project markers?

I wonder what the max. scan distance is ?

I think that information is in the on-line manual.

I think you will get better (and faster) results to just create the apartment first, and then scan in your items. This is a larger project than this scanner is intended for in my opinion.

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True… might better to add the larger diameters such as walls, doors , windows and then scan smaller assets that populate the room.

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Exactly. Work smarter, not harder.

I asked about the room scanning ability a while ago - they replied that it would not be possible.

Well, it might be possible, but it would have to be done in sections that are stitched together in something like Blender.

It’s possible but it’s like to melt steel with a lighter… It’s totally not made for.

You can but you will spend weeks to do it.

You’d think if it could scan a vehicle, an apartment would be similar.

So I finally have the scanner in hand.
Here’s a retopologizing task I’m going through atm. using Maya’s Quad Draw Tool

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