Large are scanning - What scanners available?

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Recently i have been taking quick photogrametry scans of murals and large spaces, rebuilding them in Reality Capture, yet I wonder when will we have a afordable scanner that can make this faster. I know if one owns a Iphone 12 Pro (at leat 500.eur refurbished) one can use their lidar for this porupose but… Wish there was a scanner… or is there and i do no know??

Fat Heat Mural

Random tagged wall

In my world , we don’t scan things like that with a 3D scanner , we model it in less than half hour with perfect 8K textures

But I know …it would be so much fun and great for references

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Say for example you want to preserve street art like the example of the mural how would you do the texture of it to reflect the real place?

Surely you will need reference photos but then you have to have a way to undistort the camera intrinsics and stitch multiple photos.

Is that what You do and what software u use for that?

Yes of course , in this case you use projection mode in Zbrush to make textures after you build the base model with UVs. You can extract lots of fine details from photo material without the need for fine modeling .

Lots of references photos , I have 180 degrees DSLR lens that can capture automatic the whole scene at once with 35 megapixels per photo and after conversation to around 70-100 megapixels … I am Google trusted Photographer :wink:


what 180 lens is that? asking for a friend :grin:

DSLR Nikon 180 lens but you need the whole rig and it is not so cheap , plus software to handle that … not over night solution , of course learning curve in VR photography .
I will post some example later


BTW V, you can use Blender to extract a model manually from any architecture picture , search YouTube …