Rilot - Miraco showcase (final production)

Seeing as we now have final, shipping software and hardware I thought I’d do a new showcase now that we all have the same hardware and software.

My beta showcase can stil be found here: Andy - Beta MIRACO Showcases of Bones, Shells, Art, Design, Modifications - #44

Get Miraco here:

All scans were edited, fused, and meshed on Miraco unless stated otherwise.

So, first up I scanned a small, dinosaur toy. Around 150mm long.

Yeah, I messed up the white balance


Next up, another dinosaur toy. This one is green


Something practical now. I needed to add an IR lens to my thermal camera for PCB inspection. So, I took a scan of the front and designed a plate that clips on

A quick bit of CAD-Fu and we have a simple cover.


**A complicated mechanical part. A Tapo WiFi camera. This is arounf 100mm long with lots of angles etc.


I needed to make a mount that carried an Ikea Tradfri remote control for a friend. Easier to scan it then mess about in CAD trying to get the dimentions right


Just for fun, I thought I’d try and scan some really small things. I wouldn’t normally scan something this small with Miraco or Pop3, this is a job for Mini but I figured, let’s see how it does

Walnut - 15mm long - I forgot to take a photo before my son ate it. But you know, it’s a walnut

Not brilliant but not bad. It is dimentionally accurate which means you could use it if you wanted to CAD something that attaches to it or whatever floats your boat. I prefer to just eat them.

I had a go at a Lego minifig.

Not going to win a scanning competition with that but we’re talking something 20mm tall and far outside of what Miraco was designed to scan. That it can get this much detail is frankly incredible.


Bag of flour - About 150mm tall


A small bone by dog had been chewing - 100mm long


A quick scan to make an adaptor
Needed to fit some standard 6.5" speakers in my S2000. The stock speaker mount only takes 6" items. I took the stock speaker mount off to scan.

Scanned it:

Into Fusion:

Section sketched it to get the position of the holes and viola!


My S2000 doesn’t have running lights. What with all cars since 2009 having them I was having to drive lights on all the time. I decided to make some running lights.

The S2000 has fake air intakes either side of the grille. A good place for the lights I thought but the shape is complex.

I grabbed Miraco and took a quick scan. Yes, it’s messy but I only want it for the dimentions.

In to Fusion 360:

I used it as a template to design a housing that fits exactly inside the area.

Several iterations later and we have this:

I wanted it to have replaceable LEDs rather than using off-the-shelf items as they do die and then flicker.

I printed it in PACF so it’s strong, light, and resistant to UV and the weather.

Wiring it up




Miraco has proven itself invaluable to me and is something I find myself reaching for to take simple measurements with.