Revoscan v5.0.3 export issue

Hi there, got the new revo scan update , it’s loading onto my iPad now which is good, but revoscan is only exporting in PLY, which I can’t use. How do I export to obj or stl, I see no options in the new software.

Hi, you need to mesh the scan first, then you will see the options to export as stl/obj, as seen on the attached cap:

Revoscan for IPad doesn’t have this option …

You need to import it to a PC/Mac first


Hopefully revopoint can fix this issue, for the people who don’t have/use computers … @Revopoint3d-Selina

There is no option to export model as obj at this moment since only ply is generated in the project files .
For now you will need to convert the ply to obj manually.

If you don’t use any computer , your scans will be only half as good ? Mobile apps are ok for scanning but the models they process have only half of the quality compared to what you get on computer .

P.S Selina is no more working for Revopoint .

Thanks for the info :+1:

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