Extra export file formats

Standard, RevoScan can export files to OBJ, STL or PLY. I was wondering if there are plans for Revopoint to make the software able to export to more fileformats. In the industry, the STEP-file format is gaining more ground. Also 3MF-file format is. It would be a great improvement to add these formats to the export capabilities of RevoScan.

The STEP file format is ACIS Solid, not Surface. The scanner/software combo would have to provide a level of functionality typically found in CAD software that costs a lot of money and the conversion would still be flawed (curved surfaces would still be represented as a collection of facets).

3MF is new and in a state of flux. It has advantages over STL, but I haven’t seen a direct comparison with the default PLY forma.


@Mikey I totally agree with Jeff here, the formats you suggested will be not usable from Revo Scan at this moment, and having just extension on a model that do not really represent the format would be really confusing.
It could be done in Revo Studio by adding extra functionality, but Revo Scan do not provide this type of models .

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