Revoscan 5 STL - Unit output?


I searched all over the forums and can’t find whether the STL file unit for the models.

Is it cm? mm? inches?

Thank you.

STL files are unitless, so they don’t contain the actual units.

You need units , export as OBJ or ply
The units as always are in mm .

I did STL. Shapr3d can’t get OBJ or PLY.
But again, the units are an issue to what Revoscan exports to.

You can’t export STL and having any units , this information is not saved inside STL , no matter what software you use , this format don’t support units .

The exported units from Revo Scan are correct and in mm .
I work with it on a daily basis.
Only OBJ or ply support units data in the files by export .

Okay, so it’s mm then. That’s was all I needed.

Yes mm , I answered you in my first reply already .

Right but the first part calling it unitless made it confusing.

Because it is unitless by definition and no STL files cares this kind of information .

As PUTV says, it has a figure but the units are not specified. It’s up to the program you are importing it in to to decide what units to use.
Import a Revoscan STL in to a mm workspace in Fusion 360 and it will be of the correct scale.
Import a Revoscan STL in to a m workspace in Fusion 360 and it will be 1000 times too big.