Revoscan IOS model list is empy

I had several scan models in the app that I had not transferred. Now today the model list is empty! Where did all the scans go?

Sorry @10-80DirtSports , I am not using IOS application but the models did not disappeared , they are still in the original folder on your system , the model list is not the original folder list, you can easy bring them back to the list again .

Did you update your iOS application recently to the newest version ?

how do I bring them back?

IOS 16.2

You need to go to the original folder of Revopoint on your phone , copy the projects and bring them to your computer and you can load them to the project list on your computer
Phone apps don’t have an option to load the projects .
However it would be best if you just import the fuse.ply of your models and mesh them in Revo Studio on your computer.

Sorry again I am not using iOS , so I don’t remember from my head the location path to the projects on your phone . But they are there for use under project folder even if you can’t see them in the project list on the app.