Cannot Delete the project in the model list

I tried to delete the project from the model list. However, all the projects will reappear once I restart the Revo Scan program. Even, I deleted those projects from their physical directory. It will appear the invalid link as the picture below.

Interesting. I got a different result than you.

I deleted a model file, exited and restarted Revo Scan and confirmed that the index was correct, but the actual files under HandyLookData remain unchanged.

I think there is a bug.

@Revopoint-Cassie , please take a look at this.

It’s interesting! I’m using the Mac version Revo Scan. Are you the same?

No, Windows. That probably explains the differences, but neither is what we want.

It looks like no one cares about it. I found there is a lot projects sticking in the scan program.

Hi, we have noticed this problem, and we are working on it. We also care about it like you and we will fix this problem in the next version. Sorry for bothering you.

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Do you have any idea about when will be the new version launched?

Nope. It’s always a surprise.

You can check here: , but announcements are always made the day of release.

The page has outdated build version numbers that confuses customers , not really corresponding with the actual build numbers so many users do not even update or click to download.

I think for now it is better to look for the last announcements in the forum .

Yes, the Build numbers are not always incremented (somebody forgot to turn that on in the compiler options), but the date string towards the end of the file name is always (to my eye) updated for the Windows and Mac versions of the software.

You can see the complete file name by hovering the cursor over the download button for the Windows or Mac versions. Note that a different filename convention is used for the Android and iPhone versions.

It was not a question Jeff but a statement.
Someone need to proper maintain this page in real time .
The Android version button is outdated. It should be 3.0.7