Revoscan 5 Android vs PC

So I started out with Revoscan on my Windows 11 laptop with my new Range. I am scanning the inside of my truck cab so I can build a rear organizer. I am able to scan both the white painted wall and the floor which is black carpet. The level of detail is nearly worthless.

With PC

I decided to try again but with the Android app this time. I was able to get a much cleaner scan using the Android app, but I couldn’t get it to pick up the black carpet at all. Nothing…Zero points. I used marker mode on both scans, but on the Android app I can’t do any tweaking to get it to pick up the black carpet.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have some sublimation spray but if I use that now I’ll cover up the 100s of markers I already laid down.

Since you have already the other part scanned , try to set the depth camera exposure setting on Max to get the carpet , remember you projecting infrared image on a carpet .
Use Body mode to get as much points as possible at once and of course marker mode .

You could also spray it with 3D spray , use couple of printed white cubes around as a features and scan it easy in body mode .

Please clean the scan proper after importing the project back to PC for editing , remove overlapped points to avoid artifacts on your meshed surface later.

Excellent. Thanks for the tips! I will try that this evening.

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