AESUB blue does not vanish completely

Hello guys,

I have a problem with the scanspray that came with my MINI which is the AESUB blue.
Its stated as self-vanishing, but on my hand painted action figure, it leaves on some points on the figure a pale/ white coating…
I tried warm water with dishwashing liquid, but it wont come off. its been some month now having that ruined paintjob on the figure, but now I want to ask, if someone expierend the same and maybe have a solution for me? thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! Can you share some photos?

Hi ivan, look here

Hi @MangoLassi
I did experience issue with AESUB damaging my coins and other materials so I stopped using it and switched to ATTBLIME 3D spray and without issue .

Your paint may had some additive that reacted with the 3D Spray , you never should wash it off , you should put it in area where air circulates the most .

But even after cleaning my coins got damaged anyway as it react like a acid eating up the layer …
It should never happen as that is not the point of 3D vanishing spray .

Anyway write a complain to AESUB as I did , however don’t expect much from them, the reply they gived was stupid like they don’t know what their own product do .

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Hi PopUpTheVolume :slight_smile:
thanks for your quick answer, that helps. Today I was very confident and used my IPA 99% with a tissue and gently wipe that layer, and a bit of the paint coating, and a bit of paint away… very minimal, but those nasty white spots are gone. I guess you should also try it out with your coins. Maybe IPA 70% is also enough. On my handpainted resin figures I will never use this aesub stuff again. Maybe AESUB transparent … but dont know. I guess scanspray is more ment to be used for the car industry, not for us hobby people. I will look up ATTBLIME also. What product do you from theme?

That’s good to hear @MangoLassi

My coins surface was not dirty , it was destroyed like you put an acid on metal .
It was clean after the spray vanished , but after 2 weeks the reaction happened while stored away .
I am never going to use AESUB again that’s for sure , beside it is too thick and take too much details away .
Comparing AESUB to ATTBLIME is like snowfall to frost . :joy:

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Attblime R2 :slightly_smiling_face: if using airbrush.

I use ATTBLIME AB2 or AB6 depending how big the object is I want to scan and how long I need it to stay coated. AB2 for vast majority.


Same as @ivan said :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you both, Ill try that. ATTBLIME also has

  1. ABX for perfect white finish, layer thickness?
  2. ABzero which is more sensitive to the material, layer thickness?
  3. And ABP, which is cheap and need to wash away, layer thickness 5,16 µm

Only AB2 & ABP are free of ethanol, which makes them - I guess less aggressive. AB2 has a layer thickness of 3,6µm.

AESUB transparent has a layer thickness of 10-20μm - but its translucent, so the mini could pick up color data which I like…

hmmm… not sure. Do you guys scan painted figures like me? Should I go with ABzero or maybe give AESUB transparent last chance? Or just go with your AB2 :smiley:

I do not scan color with MINI as it is not good to scan colors due to blue laser absorption , my favorite is POP2 for scanning with color but then I don’t need 3D spray .
However ATTBLIME do not completely hide the color still allows you to scan with MINI even if the color is not scan friendly like red or green and yellow .

AESUB transparent may still leave the colors too intense to use with MINI as all it do is removing only the shine from the surface . The colors still absorbing the blue light .

I guess you need to figure out what is best for you in this case , as you know best what you need .

Trying things out by yourself will give you the best answer .

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i have used aesub white. Same situation it is not self removing or water removal. Iso only helped …

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It is not the same situation , AESUB white is permanent 3D scanning spray , AESUB Blue is temporary 2h vanishing spray , however it will affect some surfaces .
I skipped to use it all together .

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I have attblime abp and it removes ok (not fully, after air dried they’re white rests…) with water… I’m still searching for spray alternatives that gives me a thin white coating and doesn’t hurt the paint or paint coating but also could remove easily. Maybe next is dryshampoo…

I never cleaned Attblime with water , why ? It vanishing in 2 hours completely living nothing on the surface , most recommend by engineering companies.

You just need to go the one that vanish in 2 hours . And spray just a little so it is frosted ( not white) as that is too much , Attblime just frosting the surface what is enough to scan even if you see still the color .

And do not run water over it , it need to evaporate on itself , put it in area where the air flow is higher , it will finish faster , I usually put it next to a mini fan and it clean out quickly on its own.

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thanks PUTV! Ill try that, but Iam a bit undecided between ATTBLIME AB2, ABX, ABzero aannd maybe AESUB transparent…

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