Revopoint MINI - Paperclip Challenge

Hello everyone,
below is the result of a “small” challenge (really unusual for me): 3D scanning with the MINI a paperclip. The wire diameter is 1.21mm.

First of all the reflective metal surface of the paperclip was prepared by spraying Aesub.

I vertically blocked the paperclip with plastic clothespin, placing it on the turntable. the plastic Clothespin holds the paperclip vertically, and facilitates tracking.
I did two full rotations by changing the angle of the MINI (mode: Feature - High Accuracy. Fusing Point Cloud: 0,02 mm)

The two separate scans were merged with Revo Studio.

Then the Point Cloud has meshed.

Below is the result.

Greetings to all and see you soon

If you want to back the MINI, here is the link:

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Great Davide , next challenge a sewing needle , I got needle at 0.80-0.70mm wide . :wink:


Hi @dfodaro ,

This is amazing! We will add it on our KS page. Thank you for your effort.

Best Regards


That is impressive. Great job.

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