Revopoint MINI enclosure for reference CAD files

Manual (Caliper) reverse engineering of the Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner Enclosure :wink:


:laughing: Maybe you should come and be our designer.

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Why didn’t you scan the scanner? :laughing:

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tried… but it does not work. even with a layer of aesub laser is too strong to self scan on the mirror :slight_smile:

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That is a very good modeling work here @X3msnake

Btw you can actually scan reflection in the mirror with POP2 as I tried already and have no idea how it scanned back of a statue reflection , it is not that it should bounce infrared from a mirror reflection only but somehow it did .



Probably because of blue light. the light overpowers the cameras and no point cloud is captured

With MINI it did not worked at all but POP2 use infrared and can capture objects at greater distance than very short range of MINI .