Revopoint MINI and Ulanzi BG-3 power bank


I just bought Mini scanner but consider to plug in to my laptop via wifi in Client mode. I assume then power bank is needed (powering from power bank, data - wifi) . I come across Ulanzi BG-3 tripod with 10000mAh, is this power bank compatible with Mini scanner ?


Hi Marcin ,

Any power bank is compatible with MINI as long it support USB A port and 5V/2Am since you need to use the mobile split cable USB A to connect to your power bank since this cable provides only power to your MINI .
However I also used the long USB A single cable to connect to my scanner for powering when using WiFi , I put my power bank in a pocket and it worked as well .

Hi PopUpTheVolume,

fair enough, thank your for response


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