How is the power bank charged and used?

Terribly confused new user who is not skilled with gadgets, but has to use them.

  1. Which cable is used to charge the power bank, and how is the power bank connected to the scanner?

  2. Is the 2-in-1 mobile cable for both charging and operating? Another user says that cable does not charge the power bank.

  3. It looks like to operate the Revopoint one is to plug the USB3.0 (? according to stamp) into the Revopoint and the USB-A into the power bank. Is this correct?

Thank you for any help!

You need a USB C cable to charge the power bank, i use my phone charger that is USB C,

On the 2 in 1 cable the data is on the USB C and power on the bigger USB A cable this can be plugged into the power bank, the USB C cable can go to the phone or you can connect with WiFi if you don’t have USB C port on the phone,

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There are some cable sets that were delivered with USB C and Micro-USB plugs. These were the first cable type and will have been shipped randomly until the supply was exhausted (which probably happened with the POP 2, not the Mini). With these cables, the Micro-USB plug carries data and the USB C connects to the battery pack.

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On the battery you have text : input , and that is where you plug your USB-C into and the other end USB A go to your charger or computer for charging

then the second one has text called Output that is where you connect the USB A for powering your scanner as labeled on the cables.

If yo use the mobile cable , you will have to connect the USB A to the output connector on the battery and the USB C to your phone/tablet , or just use WiFI

For charging you can use any USB C cable you have and it goes into INPUT , you should have included USB C cable with your package or if you purchased the battery separately.

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Yes it was but now it is not allowed to sell any devices with Micro-USB in Europe so they discontinued and switched to USB C only .

Thank you. I purchased the POP 2 full package which included the carrying case, cables, battery, etc.

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